Geneva, Sustainable and Just Economic Systems

December 2022

REPORT: "Package-less and Reuse Systems Through Policy Intervention: rethinking packaging in international trade"

With quantities of waste steadily rising worldwide, packaging material and packaging waste have emerged as critical areas for action at various levels. Governments and businesses must consider political risks and ways to anticipate, understand and mitigate them in international trade. 


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November 2022

QUNO highlights the role of the informal waste sector in African inclusive circular economy transitions

QUNO has partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF South Africa) to demonstrate how the informal waste sector (IWS) can be mainstreamed into policy mechanisms and implementation efforts designed to address plastic pollution. 

At our joint webinar on 7 November 2022 we brought together specialists including reclaimer advocates, county-level officials, academics and just transition experts.


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