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Connecting Local with International Climate Action

June 2024

Climate Change: What We Can Do - 2024 Edition

The Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) in Geneva published a 'Climate Change: What We Can Do" (previously known as ‘How to be a Hero for All Our Children’) which is available in English, Arabic, Spanish. and French. It aims to connect people with the most recent climate science and suggests personal actions and questions for politicians.

‘What We Can Do’ has been updated with the most recent climate scientific findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 6th Assessment Report (AR6). This report was compiled over seven years and involved hundreds of scientists worldwide.  

'What We Can Do’ is written for a wide audience, whether already active or new to climate concerns. It includes categories such as “What we eat”, “How we grow and sell food”, and “How we use and source energy.” This publication is meant to aid in our collective empowerment to transform the root causes driving planetary crisis. 

This publication is accessible online and via a print-at-home version which can be used for personal distribution and campaigning.



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December 2020

People's Climate Empowerment Series

QUNO's People's Climate Empowerment Series is a helpful resource to connect people with international efforts that can strengthen climate action at all levels. Our Human Impacts of Climate Change programme has been working on the international climate negotiations since 2011 in support of fair, ambitious and inclusive climate action. Climate change raises profound questions about how we live on the planet. The People's Climate Empowerment Series offers 7 concise "2-siders", which cover different aspects of international climate action, why they matter, and how to get involved. 


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September 2017

Quaker Statement on Climate Change

A "Quaker Statement on Climate Change" has been signed by a large number of Quaker organizations, having been distributed to all Yearly Meetings across the world. The Statement recognizes the personal and collective responsibility to respond to anthropogenic climate change and calls for fair, sufficient and effective international action.

Read it by following the document link below.

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