Areas of Work

Reconciliation & Dialogue

In the area of reconciliation, QUNO seeks to increase the UN’s understanding and support for healing and restorative processes, in particular at the grassroots level. Approaches such as "restorative peacebuilding" offer a lens through which the UN can approach peacebuilding and the prevention of violent conflict in a more holistic way. 

In the area of dialogue, QUNO seeks to lift up local level mediation processes as well as encourage the UN to support inclusive national processes that take into account local perspectives. 

Ongoing Activities

  • In Burundi and Somalia, QUNO collaborates closely with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and local Friends organisations that are active at the grassroots level on reconciliation and dialogue activities.

Recent Timeline Events

October 2019

In & Around the UN

Read QUNO New York's newsletter, In & Around the UN, featuring articles on:

  • Opening of the High-Level Political Forum
  • The Quaker Peace & Social Witness visit to New York
  • QUNO's participation in New York Yearly Meeting summer sessions

and more from New York.

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July 2018

QUNO Participates in 2018 FGC Gathering Quaker Truth Talks

QUNO NY's Director and Quaker UN Representative, Andrew Tomlinson, was invited to give one of three Quaker Truth Talks at a plenary session of the 2018 Friends General Conference Gathering in Toledo, Ohio. Andrew joined Friends Paula Palmer and Oskar Castro with a presentation entitled "From Spirit to Action: Examining the Roots of Quaker UN Work".

Weaving together the strands of the history of Quaker social action, the work of QUNO and personal transformation, the presentation concludes: "..the things that Quakers do well in social action have their roots in Quaker spiritual practice, and  the fruits of that practice, in the qualities of insight, fellow-feeling, groundedness, integrity, inclusivity, hope and love, are the same things that have characterized Friends’ unique contribution over hundreds of years.."

The video for Andrew's presentation can be found here

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