Areas of Work

Reconciliation & Dialogue

In the area of reconciliation, QUNO seeks to increase the UN’s understanding and support for healing and restorative processes, in particular at the grassroots level. Approaches such as "restorative peacebuilding" offer a lens through which the UN can approach peacebuilding and the prevention of violent conflict in a more holistic way. 

In the area of dialogue, QUNO seeks to lift up local level mediation processes as well as encourage the UN to support inclusive national processes that take into account local perspectives. 

Ongoing Activities

  • In Burundi and Somalia, QUNO collaborates closely with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and local Friends organisations that are active at the grassroots level on reconciliation and dialogue activities.

Recent Timeline Events

January 2023

Civil Society-UN Prevention Platform submission for UN’s New Agenda for Peace

On the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, Member States pledged to strengthen global governance for the sake of present and future generations. At the request of Member States, the Secretary-General released the much-anticipated report, ‘Our Common Agenda,’ that provided several recommendations, including the need for a New Agenda for Peace (NA4P), to address the multitude of challenges faced by the international community.


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September 2022

QUNO NY’s Director delivers Pendle Hill lecture on lessons from Bayard Rustin

On 12 September, QUNO New York Director, Sarah Clarke, delivered the Steven G. Carey Memorial lecture at the Quaker center, Pendle Hill. With over 500 Friends registering to join in person and online, Sarah spoke on ‘Strategizing for Change: Applying lessons from the Life of Bayard Rustin to Quaker Work at the UN.


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June 2022

In and Around the UN

Our June 2022 newsletter shares updates from the work carried out by our New York office over recent months. Highlights include: a Q&A article on questions about the war in Ukraine and the UN; information on a new QUNO initiative on Youth, Peace and Security; the publication of our policy document, Building Peace in Times of Crisis; and news about staff comings and goings. Also hear from our new Director, Sarah Clarke, in her Director’s letter where she reflects on the state of multilateralism and the long commitment of Quaker witness at the UN.


Related Areas of Work