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Inclusion of Local Perspectives

QUNO seeks to be a bridge between civil society actors in the field and the UN and member states in New York and advocates for the inclusion of  such perspectives in peacebuilding processes. By facilitating visits of civil society and non-governmental organisations engaged in local peacebuilding and prevention activities, as well as through quiet diplomacy, QUNO is working to improve the inclusion of local perspectives at the UN.

Ongoing Activities

  • QUNO hosts informal, off the record discussions on the situation in Burundi and conducts quiet diplomacy with the UN in order to support civil society participation and perspectives in peacebuilding processes including the UN Peacebuilding Commission.

  • QUNO plays a facilitative role bringing civil society leaders from inside Myanmar together with UN staff and diplomats. These informal meetings provide an opportunity for Myanmar peacemaker’s to share local expertise and perspectives on the UN’s role and contribution to long-term peacebuilding and prevention efforts in Myanmar.

  • QUNO's focus on the DRC includes facilitating regular off the record discussions at Quaker House for members of the NGO community in New York and UN experts.

  • We advocate for the inclusion of local perspectives in UN processes on the ground and at UN headquarters

Recent Timeline Events

May 2019

A Transformative Middle Ground

QUNO New York’s Director, Andrew Tomlinson, was pleased to have an interview with fellow Quaker organization, the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Speaking with Chris Kearns-McCoy, a Program Assistant with FCNL’s Communications team, Andrew reflected on Quaker work at the United Nations.

When reflecting on why Friends care about the UN, Mr. Tomlinson shared that “The UN charter, particularly the introductory segments, is largely one that Quakers could have written. A huge amount of the charter is about trying to prevent war, and that resonates for Friends.” Andrew also spoke about the unique approaches that Quakers bring to peace work at the United Nations. “We explicitly set out to bring in different voices. So, in our work with member states, we are reaching out not just to hear and to understand but to engage delegates from many different countries to together try to discern paths forward.”

To read the full interview, please visit here.

Related Areas of Work

April 2019

QUNO hosts discussion on the impact of UN transitions on peacebuilding and development

Transitional periods are very sensitive and dynamic times for countries emerging from conflict, bringing hopes and concerns to places with a history of political instability and violent conflict. In the past decade, a number of UN peacekeeping missions have closed down leading countries to the next step in their transformation processes, and shifting how the UN and international community supports peacebuilding and development. 

In April at Quaker House, QUNO hosted an expert-level conversation on the impact of UN transitions on peacebuilding and development. The gathering provided an opportunity for members of the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) and UN colleagues to openly and constructively talk about best practices and challenges as the UN implements a cross-pillar, peacebuilding approach to transitions. The discussion also welcomed participation from a Liberian civil society organization, bringing real life perspective and experience on the impact and challenges for peace and development following the closing of the UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia – UNMIL. From this, participants also reflected on the impact of the Peacebuilding Commission's role in supporting peacebuilding approaches in those transitions. There was  consensus that there is the need for planning earlier for UN transitional processes; the critical role of inclusive national ownership; and the importance of sustaining political and financial engagement throughout and following transition processes.

This will be the first in a series of thematic conversations hosted by QUNO to support and contribute to the work of the Peacebuilding Commission and its membership, with the aim to uplift and deepen peacebuilding knowledge and experience. 

Related Areas of Work

April 2019

QUNO convenes discussion on the Peacebuilding Fund

The Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) is the UN Secretary-General’s peacebuilding financing tool and investor of first resort. The Fund supports countries through immediate and direct funding initiatives, addresses crucial gaps that may exist in building peace, and provides resources in a rapid manner when sufficient support may not yet be available. In 2016, the PBF included direct funding opportunities for civil society organizations for the first time through its Gender and Youth (GYPI) Initiative. 

QUNO, in partnership with the Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO), has worked for the past three years to convene civil society and UN colleagues to provide space for learning and exchange on the GYPI, and the annual calls for proposals on youth and gender programming. In April, QUNO held such a discussion at Quaker House, which allowed for participants to learn more about the focus and application for the 2019 GYPI calls for proposals and to reflect on the experiences of and lessons learned in the previous years. Conversation centered on the PBF’s focus on catalytic, timely and innovative civil society projects to support peacebuilding in the target countries for this year’s call, with participants engaging in discussion on eligibility and requirements for applying. The gathering also provided space for the sharing of experience and impact on the GYPI funding, and for recommendations to be shared for future calls. QUNO looks forward to continued partnership with the PBSO and working with colleagues to support such discussions in the future.

To learn more about the Peacebuilding Fund’s Gender and Youth Promotion Initiative click here.

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Related Areas of Work