Areas of Work

Peace & Disarmament

Our work on peace and disarmament at the multilateral level is rooted in a long history of Quaker work on peace, social justice and non-violent approaches to conflict. We understand peace as more than the absence of overt violence or destructive conflict; sustainable peace is fundamentally linked with human rights, social and economic justice, and political participation. Where these standards are denied, the roots of violence can be found. We also strive to promote disarmament by highlighting how weapons and the defence industry more broadly lead to human rights violations, and greatly increase the likelihood of destructive conflict. Our endeavours challenge the militaristic and securitised approaches to today’s existential challenges and seek a shift towards a vision of common security.

QUNO takes a holistic approach to preventing destructive conflict and building peace. We therefore strive to convene actors across traditional silos and between areas of expertise, whether within the UN or civil society, to foster cross-cutting and integrated work. Our belief in the transformative potential of non-violent conflict often calls us to serve as a trusted facilitator of difficult conversations and negotiations. To this end, QUNO works as a bridge builder with diplomats, NGOs, UN staff and others to support the creation of legal instruments, new policy and effective practice. Our collaborative approach is also evidenced by our role in the foundation and current management of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform (GPP). The GPP is a knowledge hub that connects the critical mass of peacebuilding actors and resources, and hosts Geneva Peace Week - a leading annual forum in the international peacebuilding calendar.

Regular collaboration with other QUNO programmes – human rights, climate change and sustainable & just economic systems – enables us to continue exploring opportunities for joined-up approaches that more accurately address the complex drivers of injustice and violence.

Recent news and events can be found here.  Our recent publications are available here.

QUNO envisions a world where the transformative nature of human rights is integrated into efforts to sustain peace, making policies and practice more coherent, and peace more durable.

QUNO envisions a world where a co-operative approach to shared security renders militarised approaches and weapons obsolete.

QUNO envisions a world where natural resource management occurs through dialogue, cooperation and the constructive handling of conflicts – facilitated by business operations that are responsible and conflict-sensitive.