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Sustaining Peace

QUNO’s vision of sustainable peace includes both the development of human and institutional capacity for resolving conflicts without violence and the transformation of the conditions that generate destructive conflict. A comprehensive approach to building peace should therefore imperatively include the prevention of destructive conflict. To that end, QUNO’s current work on sustaining peace underscores the centrality of human rights in upholding the conditions for peace, notably through processes, policy and practice at the UN Human Rights Council and within the UN Peacebuilding Architecture.

Recent Timeline Events

January 2024

Exploring Special Procedures to Enhance Conflict Prevention

‘‘Full compliance with human rights is the best antidote to the inequalities, unaddressed grievances and exclusion which are often at the root of instability and conflict,” said Volker Türk, the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights. 

The Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) shares this understanding of the inextricable link between human rights and peace. The protection and promotion of human rights is essential for achieving sustainable peace and in turn sustaining peace can help promote and protect human rights and create just and equitable societies. 


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November 2023

Connecting Geneva and New York for human rights approaches to conflict prevention

Florence Foster moderating a panel discussion during Geneva Peace Week meets New York

“In the current multidimensional crisis, the social contract between governments and their people and between groups in society is eroding. The transformational potential of human rights in their entirety – economic, social and cultural rights as well as civil and political rights – are part of a just and sustainable solution to such problems.”      


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October 2023

Sustaining peace needs intersectional approach at United Nations

Florence Foster from QUNO Geneva participates at Geneva Peace Week 2023 panel

Peacebuilding has been viewed mainly as post-conflict intervention at the United Nations (UN), but the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) believes peace work is needed throughout the conflict cycle.

QUNO takes a human rights-based approach to achieve sustaining peace. Focusing on human rights towards peacebuilding can further reduce the risk of violent conflict, end hostilities through inclusive processes and move towards reconciliation and just recovery. 


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