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Disarmament and Arms Control

QUNO has historically played a key supportive role in the peace-related efforts to foster stricter arms control and sustained disarmament efforts. Through providing a space for discussion on the sidelines of divisive multilateral arms control and disarmament negotiations, QUNO has helped stakeholders to realise transformative agreements such as the Mine Ban Treaty. In addition to monitoring nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation developments, our programme focuses on raising awareness of the tremendous damage done by conventional weapons to communities and societies. We strive to build effective arms controls at international level by bridging the gaps between policy makers, corporate actors and civil society in fora such as the UN Human Rights Council and the Arms Trade Treaty or with the UN Working Group on Business & Human Rights.effective ways to tackle these challenges at international level – by also bridging the gaps between policy makers, industry actors and civil society.

Recent Timeline Events

February 2024

QUNO calls on businesses to ensure arms exports do not infringe on human rights

As 2024 begins, the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) Geneva’s Peace and Disarmament programme has focused on its work on corporate responsibility in the arms trade, emphasising people at the center of arms control discourses and ensuring that states and businesses uphold their roles and responsibilities. 


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September 2023

Arms industry tactics avoid human rights responsibility

The irresponsible role of the arms industry needs to be addressed as part of preventing violence and human rights violations committed with firearms globally.

This was part of the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) Peace & Disarmament programme’s recent response (also see attachment below) to an analysis of the arms industry by the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights.


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January 2023

QUNO highlights the importance of the arms sector when discussing responsible business conduct

During the 11th UN Forum on Business and Human Rights | OHCHR, QUNO Geneva partnered with American Bar Association Center for Human Rights, the University of Washington School of Law, PAX and Amnesty International to co-organize a virtual side event titled “Responsible Business Conduct - the case of the arms sector”


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