Areas of Work

Climate Change, Environmental Peacebuilding and Security

QUNO’s work centers the peacebuilding dimensions of rights-based approaches to environmental policy, emphasizing the role of these approaches in reducing potential violent conflict over limited natural resource exploitation or stress due to environmental crises. 

QUNO engages with peace and security discussions on climate change, advocating for the urgent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions alongside rights protection. We voice our concern over the as yet unproven effects and impacts of large scale geo/climate engineering approaches, which try to address the symptoms of climate change but fail to transform its root causes.  As founding members of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, we foster connections within the peacebuilding and environmental communities to support opportunities for cooperation around environmental matters instead of destructive conflict.

QUNO’s past involvement on this topic produced publications on Human Rights, Food and Sustainability, as well as Natural Resources, Conflict and Cooperation. Throughout our publications, we apply a conflict prevention and peacebuilding approach to natural resource management.


Recent Timeline Events

November 2020

Geneva Peace Week 2020

QUNO is proud to be one of the institutional partners behind the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, the organisation that runs Geneva Peace Week – a leading international peacebuilding forum. This year’s Geneva Peace Week was delivered in a fully online format and featured three events co-organised by QUNO.


Related Areas of Work

November 2019

Creating a Future for All: Climate Justice and Peacebuilding

On November 6th, QUNO co-organized an event with the Graduate Institute's Environmental Committee and the Interparliamentary Union for Geneva Peace Week, which focused on the links between peacebuilding and climate change. The well-attended panel explored integrating gender into climate-resilient peacebuilding, international linkages, and the necessity of public participation in all aspects of peacebuilding and climate change. Please find the full summary and Lindsey Fielder Cook (QUNO Representative Human Impacts of Climate Change)'s remarks below.


Related Areas of Work