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Agricultural Trade and Investment

QUNO believes that food security must be a central concern in the governance of agricultural trade, to ensure that trade policies support, rather than hinder, global efforts to meet long-term food security needs.

The relationships between food security measures and the WTO's trade rules however are extremely complex. For this reason, we worked to develop an interactive tool to help those seeking to shape policy at the national and international level – be they small-scale farmer organisations, trade negotiators or policy makers. By making it easier and quicker for users to identify the measures relevant to their particular contexts, we hoped to facilitate a process of policy-making that is appropriate, coherent, and helps governments meet food security goals while maintaining compatibility with global trade rules.

Recent Timeline Events

October 2017

QUNO moderates panel on "Trade, investment and food security" at CFS 44

In October, Representative Susan Bragdon moderated a panel entitled "Trade, investment and food security: designing rules for sustainable food systems" at the 44th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS 44). The session was organized by the Columbia University Law School, the Institute for Sustainable Development and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. 

Susan introduced the subject by describing how trade and investment rules have evolved over the last 25+ years to reach ever more into the domestic sphere of governance, limiting the flexibility of Member States in designing national rules to support food and nutrition security.  Speakers with experience in Central America, the Mekong region, and Ghana described specific national experience, while researchers from the organizers of the panel described current trends and possible future directions. The side event was well-attended and a lively discussion ensued from the background and presentations.

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July 2017

New Publication on Reinvigorating the Public Sector: The Case of Food Security, Small-Scale Farmers, Trade and Intellectual Property Rules

In this recently published paper in the Society for International Development (2017), QUNO’s Food & Sustainability Representative Susan H. Bragdon explores the two interlinked trends of using market-based solutions to end hunger and the weakening of the public sector in ensuring local and global food security. She argues that both of these phenomena play an important role in the creation of a modern food system that is harming the health of people and planet. Therefore, she calls upon governments to define and assert their appropriate roles in the protecting the public interest in food security and emphasizes the need for a revitalized public sector. 

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September 2016

QUNO Attends WTO Public Forum 2016 on Inclusive Trade

During the last week of September 2016, QUNO attended the WTO Public Forum on Inclusive Trade. Throughout various plenary sessions and side events, QUNO followed the discussions on how to enable a wider range of individuals and businesses to participate in the trading systems and how WTO rules can help to ensure everyone benefits from trade. In particular, QUNO paid close attention to the panel discussions on the roles of agriculture and small scale farmers in today’s global trading system. 

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