December 2023

QUNO NY joins first ever CSO-UN Dialogue on Peacebuilding

QUNO NY joined a “CSO-UN Dialogue on Peacebuilding” from November 30th to December 1st. The Dialogue recognised the important role civil society organisations (CSOs) play in advancing local, national, regional and international solutions to build and sustain peace.

QUNO NY Representative Kavita Desai participated in the Dialogue alongside other civil society leaders. The two-day event brought together peacebuilders and local actors worldwide to connect with policymakers at the global level at the UN Headquarters in NY. The UN Department of Peacebuilding Support Office launched the Dialogue, which will become an annual event to allow CSOs, especially those from the Global South, to better their influence on global peacebuilding goals and objectives.  

The different panels and discussions of the Dialogue covered a broad range of topics, including assessing the status of UN and local civil society engagement. Participants also explored the challenges to better collaboration with global structures like the UN’s Peacebuilding Fund and Peacebuilding Commission. From these discussions, specific recommendations will be identified and will be used to inform global peacebuilding efforts and policies across the UN System.

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