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June 2011

Paths Toward Peace - Best Practices in Violence Reduction and Development in South and Southeast Asia Magazine

Paths Toward Peace - Best Practices in VIolence Reduction and Development in South and Southeast Asia, Comunidad Segura Good Practices Magazine, Year III, number 7.

Brings stories from Asia as sources of inspiration and reflection on armed violence prevention, conflict resolution, post conflict reconstruction and promoting livelihoods and development in the region. It features best practices from Civil Society Organisations that participated in the  “Regional Seminar on Armed Violence and Development in South and Southeast Asia” held in Kathmandu, Nepal, March 2011.

Comunidad Segura “Good Practices” magazine aims to serve as a source of information on grassroots initiatives that can help to inform advocacy campaigns and national and international public policy and programming.

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June 2008

Ensuring Temporariness: Mechanisms to Incentivise Return Migration in the Context of GATS Mode 4 and Least Developed Country Interests

During the Doha negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO), least developed countries (LDCs) have expressed a strong interest in increasing possibilities for their nationals to work as service providers in other countries. In the WTO, this is discussed in the context of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) under the heading known as Mode 4 – the presence of natural persons.

Trade negotiators and politicians from the US and EU argue that GATS Mode 4 is unworkable, particularly for semi-skilled and unskilled service providers, if source countries cannot guarantee the return (and hence the ‘temporariness’) of their service providers working abroad.

This paper examines different countries’ experiences and finds evidence that many migrant workers do desire to return to their home countries, and conditions and opportunities to help them to do so are a major factor in encouraging their return.


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January 2003

The Voices of Girl Child Soldiers

This set of publications focuses on the experiences of girl children who have been soldiers. It discusses the different circumstances under which different girls became child soldiers, the range of experiences during the period during which they were part of a fighting force, and their futures once they are no longer part of the fighting force.

In-depth interviews with former girl child soldiers were carried out in Angola, Colombia, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

See also: oral statement to 59th session of the UN Commission on Human Rights, and Girl Soldiers: Challenging the Assumptions.



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