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Natural Resources, Conflict and Cooperation

QUNO recognises that weak and inequitable governance of natural resources can lead to destructive conflict, exacerbating tensions between groups and in some cases escalating to violence. We therefore take a conflict prevention and peacebuilding approach to natural resource management, encouraging dialogue, cooperation and the constructive handling of conflicts. QUNO works with laws and guidelines from international frameworks that support inclusive decision making and equitable access to natural resources, while also bringing expertise and good practices from the local level to the international policy environment. We highlight the need to empower local communities, including vulnerable groups such as women and the poorest, to participate meaningfully in decision making around natural resources, focusing particularly on water, land and food. 

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November 2015

Geneva Peace Week 2015: Conflict Sensitivity in Business

On the 19th of November, QUNO will be hosting an event at the 2015 Geneva Peace Week, entitled Conflict Sensitivity in Business: Experiences from China and Southeast Asia. This event will take place from 10:00-11:30 at the Palais des Nations, Room XXIII, and will feature expert speakers from Chinese and Southeast Asian companies and NGOs who will speak about their efforts to work together to mitigate conflict and advance sustainable development in Southeast Asia.

Those wishing to register should contact Diane Hendrick at, indicating their name, affiliation, and whether or not they possess a UN badge.

For further details on this event, please see the attached flyer. For more information on the 2015 Peace Week calendar, please follow the link below:


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July 2015

Read QUNO's latest Geneva Reporter newsletter

QUNO's Geneva Reporter newsletter is now available for download. The latest issue features updates on our work at the ongoing international climate change negotiations, details about a new publication from our Natural Resources, Conflict and Cooperation programme, a summary of our small-scale farmer innovation consultation, and a dispatch from the Prisoner's Families Conference children of prisoners. This issue also include the first QUNO Q&A, a new regular feature in which we catch up with QUNO Geneva alumni and past summer school participants. The full publication is available for download below.

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May 2015

Negotiations on Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration

QUNO Geneva have produced a new publication that focuses on the potential of environmental rights agreements to prevent destructive conflict around natural resources. “Building Peace through Principle 10, Access rights and the prevention of environmental conflict”, is a contribution to the ongoing negotiations to conclude a regional agreement for Latin America and the Caribbean on the right to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice, in environmental matters. It uses case studies from the region to illustrate how public participation in decision-making around natural resources contributes not only to sustainable but also to peaceful and equitable development. This publication was sent personally to each of the country delegates, and civil society representatives, to the negotiations in Santiago de Chile.

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