January 2024

Advancing the UN’s 2030 Agenda through Partnerships

On January 30th, Quaker UN Representative Kavita Desai delivered a statement at the annual Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Partnership Forum. In her remarks, Kavita highlighted the essential role of civil society organisations as partners in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those that work on the frontlines of SDG implementation. She noted that civil society also plays a key role in data collection, and recent SDG reports have shown that effective collaboration leads to better evidence and evaluation.

However, faced with shrinking civic space worldwide and increased attacks on human rights and environmental defenders, governments must make efforts to protect civil society partners. Kavita emphasised that meaningful partnerships could be further strengthened through greater transparency and follow-up on how civil society inputs are integrated into policy and practice. 

Kavita also echoed the concerns of many other speakers, warning that the global rise in conflicts threatens to reverse progress on the SDGs. As a Quaker organisation, we recognise that peace cannot be achieved through violent and destructive means. 

The ECOSOC Partnership Forum brings together diplomats and civil society representatives with a focus on innovative solutions and partnerships to advance the SDGs. This year’s theme, “Reinforcing the 2030 Agenda and eradicating poverty in times of multiple crises”, saw a particular focus on Goal 1 (no poverty), Goal 2 (zero hunger), Goal 13 (climate action), Goal 16 (peace, justice, and strong institutions), and Goal 17 (partnerships for the goals). With only six years left to accomplish these ambitious Goals, it is more essential than ever that all stakeholders work collaboratively to fulfil the promise of sustainable development and peace for all. 

The full meeting can be viewed here. Kavita’s remarks begin at 2:24:50.

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