November 2022

QUNO co-organized a webinar focusing on the informal waste sector in the context of an inclusive circular economy transition in Africa

On 7 November, QUNO co-organized a webinar with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF South Africa), which was designed to inform relevant stakeholders about the need to mainstream the informal waste sector (IWS) into policy mechanisms and implementation efforts designed to address plastic pollution. Five panelists, with different fields of expertise and areas of involvement (i.e. from reclaimer advocates, to county-level officials, to academic experts, to just transition experts) provided us with an overview of the IWS in Africa's waste management landscape, and the main challenges and opportunities for the IWS' integration in a just transition towards a circular economy in Africa; as well as opportunities emerging from the upcoming plastic treaty negotiation process under UNEP.

The Webinar's recording is available HERE (passcode: sm681h+2)

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