September 2021

QUNO Geneva presents its statement at the 48th Human Rights Council Session encouraging further exchange between the Peacebuilding Commission Chair and the Human Rights Council

QUNO Geneva addressed the Human Rights Council (HRC) under Item 3 regarding the follow-up to resolutions on the contribution of the HRC to the prevention of human rights violations (HRC 38/18 and HRC 45/31).

QUNO regretted that it was not possible to schedule the briefing by the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) as per resolution 45/31 – and looked forward to future opportunities for exchanges between the HRC and the PBC to learn from one another in efforts to address common contemporary challenges.

QUNO wished to highlight the real opportunity in such an exchange to:

  • learn from each other’s experience as forums that seek to address contemporary challenges
  • strengthen their respective bridging roles
  • continue to identify mutual opportunities to address cross-cutting issues from a prevention perspective.

For the full statement please see below or watch the video statement delivered by Programme Assistant for Peace and Disarmament, Maya Street here.


For more on QUNO’s work on strengthening collaboration and system wide coherence between human rights and sustaining peace – please see our latest report on ‘Sustaining Peace: How can human rights help?’. The report highlights a range of opportunities and challenges in integrating sustaining peace and human rights approaches which serves as a platform for reflection and learning among stakeholders in efforts to work together across all pillars of the UN system.

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