November 2010

PeaceBuilding From the Ground Up - Preventing and Reducing Armed Violence

PeaceBuilding from the Ground Up - preventing and reducing armed violence, Comunidad Segura Good Practices Magazine, Year II, Number 4.

Brings stories from East Africa as sources of inspiration and reflection on armed violence and development. It features good practices from the civil society participants in the 2009 seminar  “Creating a Community of Practice on Armed Violence and Development (AV&D) in East Africa” that took place in Nairobi in November 2010. This seminar gathered civil society practitioners directly involved in the design and implementation of AV&D work. The aim was to highlight evidence of good practice in AV&D programming.

Comunidad Segura “Good Practices” magazine aims to serve as a source of information on grassroots initiatives that can help to inform advocacy campaigns and national and international public policy and programming.

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