QUNO has fully-staffed offices in Geneva and New York.


Lindsey Fielder Cook

Interim Deputy Director and Representative for Climate Change

Lindsey holds a BA in Politics from the Durham University, an MA in Literature of Conflict from York University, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Change and Sustainable Development from DeMontfort University. She joined QUNO in 2013, following a career in conflict areas, initially as a volunteer in reconciliation youth work in Northern Ireland and as a teacher in the Israeli Occupied West Bank.  She has worked with UNRWA on refugee protection in the West Bank, with OHCHR (formerly UNCHR) during the war in the Former Yugoslavia, with UNOSOM in Somalia to help coordinate humanitarian efforts, with UNSCO in Gaza on donor coordination to implement of the Oslo Peace Accords, and in Bonn with UNV on communication of development efforts. Lindsey’s work at QUNO focuses on climate change and environmental degradation as a peace and justice concern, engaging at a international level with the climate change negotiations, climate science, human rights efforts, while seeking to connect international progress with grassroots efforts.  Lindsey is a Member of German Yearly Meeting and lives with her family in Bonn, where QUNO has an office space.

Laurel Townhead

Interim Director and Representative for Human Rights and Refugees

Laurel has a degree in Law & Politics from the University of Manchester and a Masters in International Human Rights Law from the University of Essex. Laurel joined QUNO as Human Rights and Refugees Representative in 2014 and has over 15 years experience working on human rights protection nationally and through the UN human rights system, during which time she has worked on a wide range issues, including women’s rights and refugee protection. Immediately before coming to QUNO, Laurel was Policy and Campaigns Manager for Women in Prison; a role that included advocating for national implementation of the Bangkok Rules on the Treatment of Women Prisoners, which she contributed to drafting. At QUNO Laurel continues to work on human rights and criminal justice, with a focus on the rights of children of incarcerated parents. Laurel leads our work on human rights of migrants. Building on work to secure an ambitious, effective and human rights based Global Compact for Migration, Laurel focuses on how the UN system can better promote and protect the rights of migrants regardless of status. Laurel also takes forward our long term commitment to recognition of the right to conscientious objection to military service. Laurel is a Member of South East London Area Meeting.

Andres Naranjo

Programme Officer, Sustainable & Just Economic Systems

Andrés joined QUNO in September 2021 as a Programme Assistant for both the Sustainable and Just Economic Systems (SJES) and Human Impacts of Climate Change (HICC) programmes. Since then, he has progressed to become a Programme Associate for the SJES programme in 2023. Andrés holds a B.A. in Political Science from Kenyon College, with a year abroad at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a double Master's degree in International Relations from the Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations and the University of Business International Studies. Throughout his career, Andrés has gained valuable experience supporting United Nations work in various fields, such as disarmament (UNODA) and humanitarian action (UNICEF), as well as contributing to academic work on sustainability and climate change. With a keen interest in exploring the interconnectedness of various global challenges, Andrés is driven by the principle of justice and the power of human stories in his professional and academic pursuits.

In his role as a Programme Associate for the Sustainable and Just Economic Systems programme at QUNO, Andrés looks forward to building meaningful connections and exploring synergies across various initiatives. His motivation is rooted in a genuine desire to contribute positively to the world and foster a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Maria Kamenias

Programme Assistant

Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies with a dual specialisation in Europe and the Middle East from Merrimack College in Massachusetts, USA. She recently obtained her master’s degree in development studies from the Geneva Graduate Institute with a specialisation in power and conflict as well as a strong focus on human rights and migration. 

Maria was born and raised in Cyprus where she witnessed first-hand the challenges refugees and migrants face, which fuelled her passion for safeguarding their human rights.

Maria has worked with the Cyprus Refugee Council in Cyprus, the Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the United Nations in Geneva, and the International Federation for Human Rights in Geneva. 

These experiences, amongst others, have enabled Maria to become adept within the United Nations system where she intends to continue working towards more effective and efficient multi-lateral cooperation within migration.

Sophie Naeye

Office Manager

Sophie holds a Master’s degree in Languages, a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Studies with Human resources, and a MBS in Internationalisation of Affairs from Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. Sophie first joined Shaza Hotels' headquarters (Kempinski branch) in Geneva in 2011 where she assisted two Vice-Presidents in Product Development and Technical Services, before serving the Executive operations' team with the opening of the first Shaza hotel in Al Madina, Saudi Arabia and other projects based in the United Arab Emirates. From 2016 to 2022, she then moved to a non-for-profit organisation, the Medicines Patent Pool, as office manager. Aiming at supporting access to affordable medicines in low-and-middle income countries, Sophie was responsible for the development and implementation of the Geneva offices' policies and procedures amongst various other human resources tasks under her responsibility. Sophie enters QUNO in September 2022, bringing over 10 years' office management experience and has competencies in planning and executing a range of services, including ensuring a smooth-running office, and overseeing arrangements for meetings and events. At QUNO Sophie will serve both institutional administrative needs and attend to the internal arrangements of the Director’s office. She is driven to work with people across the globe and diverse cultures. In her free time she gives support to people in needs and is involved in local, religious and youth communities. She is a passionate yogi and horse-rider, a proficient snowboarder and wakeboarder.

William Nsonde

Finance Officer

William holds a master’s degree in economics with a focus on accounting from Grenoble Alpes University. He has completed several vocational training courses in finance and general office administration.

William joined QUNO in April 2023 as its finance officer, after working for many years with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as public and private companies in Geneva. He started his career at Airports Council International (ACI), one the most influential NGOs in international civil aviation, assisting the secretary-general and directors in managing day-to-day activities at ACI headquarters for almost a decade.

After spending several years dealing with general office administration, William redirected his career to finance and accounting, which enabled him to gather sound experience in finance and broaden his knowledge of the best practices applied to non-profit organisations in Switzerland.

Prior to joining QUNO, William worked as a finance officer for UAct Project Unicef, managing all the financial aspects of this project between Unicef and the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM). It coordinated several project partners located in nine Eastern European countries.

Williams spends his free time volunteering for NGOs, trying to give back to his community. He is fond of reading, running and walking in the woods.

Chatrina Schumacher

Programme Officer

Chatrina holds a master’s degree in international affairs with a specialisation in global security from the Geneva Graduate Institute where she researched, amongst other topics, the role of technology companies in armed conflict and investment principles in grassroots businesses in conflict-affected areas. 

She recently worked as a research assistant at the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zürich, focusing on peace processes, and before that was an intern with its Swiss and Euro-Atlantic Security team. 

Chatrina also interned at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in the Arms Control and Disarmament section, working on questions of nuclear arms control, lethal autonomous weapon systems, and outer space security. 

Over the years she also volunteered with the Swiss think tank on foreign policy Foraus; the Technology and Security student initiative; and Women in International Security Switzerland. 

Chatrina’s work is driven by her interest in human-centred disarmament, innovative approaches toward sustainable and just peace, and her passion for equality, inclusion, and the respect of human rights.

Anna Aguto

Programme Assistant

Anna holds a bachelor’s degree from Brown University in environmental studies and ethnic studies and a master of science degree in development studies from SOAS University of London, with a particular focus in environment, politics and development.  

Anna’s master’s degree dissertation focused on the intersections between indigenous rights to ancestral domain, violence, and peace processes in Mindanao, Philippines, highlighting the complex legal processes and precarious living environments that Lumad peoples navigate amid armed conflict. 

During her studies, Anna has worked and interned with a US Representative of Congress, a gender parity organisation, a legal centre dedicated to environmental justice and housing discrimination, and a sexual health education programme on Brown University’s campus. 

Throughout these experiences, Anna has remained passionate about addressing the root causes of climate change and grounds this passion in her values and Quaker education.

New York

Sarah Clarke

Director & Quaker UN Representative

Sarah serves as Director of the Quaker UN Office in New York. In this capacity, she leads QUNO’s engagement with the UN, diplomats, and civil society representatives, bringing Quaker practice and insights to the work of the UN system. Sarah holds a master’s degree in international political economy from the London School of Economics and has worked in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation for over 20 years. Previously, she served as Quaker Representative at QUNO from 2002 – 2014, before undertaking work with a variety of peacebuilding actors in Myanmar, including the UN. In her work, Sarah brings a passion for building inclusive dialogue between stakeholders, and strengthening engagement between non-state actors and international policy makers. Sarah is originally from Canada and is a member of Ottawa Monthly Meeting. While working in New York, she resides with her family in Philadelphia.

Kavita Desai

Quaker UN Representative

Kavita serves as a Quaker UN Representative with QUNO. Prior to joining the team, she worked with the UN Foundation's Global Policy Team where she supported UN processes around sustainable development and led engagement at the regional and global levels across development and human rights issues. Prior to that she was Adviser to the Permanent Mission of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste to the United Nations from 2010 to 2016, where she negotiated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, advocating for the adoption of SDG 16 on peaceful and inclusive societies. 

Kavita holds a BA from Rutgers University College where she double majored in political science and art history, and a Juris Doctorate (JD) from Pace University Law School with certificates in environmental and international law.

Bo Mendez

Communications Coordinator

Bo serves as the Communications Coordinator for QUNO New York. Prior to joining the QUNO team, Bo worked with a number of cultural and charitable organizations on programming and communications initiatives. His experiences include staging public programs about everything from structural racism to the history of hot sauce at Brooklyn Historical Society, developing communications focused on natural history at the Wagner Free Institute of Science, and managing multi-tiered international social media strategy with the American Friends Service Committee. He has also shared the history of immigration to the United States at the Tenement Museum, interpreted carceral history through an abolitionist lens at Eastern State Penitentiary Historical Site, and helped to launch the Center for Brooklyn History at Brooklyn Public Library. Bo is committed to leveraging the human desire to learn into a catalyst to take action.

Bo attained his MA in Museum Studies and BA in Anthropology from New York University. He is also a heavy metal musician, a New York Marathon finisher, and a last-place contestant on Jeopardy!

Daulton Beck

Office Coordinator

Daulton serves as the Office Coordinator with QUNO. Prior to joining QUNO, Daulton graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Politics and Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University. Throughout his studies, he conducted research on international conflicts, with a particular focus on the Middle East, which ignited his interest in working with multilateral institutions like the UN. Additionally, during his undergraduate career, Daulton held leadership positions, including serving as the Vice President of Communications for Pi Lambda Phi, a social club, and Director of Activities for the Pennsylvania United Nations Conference, which allowed him to refine his leadership and organizational skills.

In his free time, Daulton cultivates his interests in floristry and cooking. He frequents local farmers' markets in search of new ingredients to experiment with or new plants to add to his collection.

Natalie Dewar

Programme Assistant

Natalie holds an Master’s degree in French and International Relations from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, where she also recently completed an Master of Letters in Peacebuilding and Mediation. Throughout her studies, Natalie’s focus has been on uplifting local voices and perspectives in issues of peace, social justice, and conflict transformation. 

Most recently, she has worked closely with refugees and asylum seekers, researching their experiences of navigating the UK’s asylum context. As a qualified mediator, Natalie is looking forward to engaging with Quaker methods for fostering peace and dialogue in an international political context. In this regard, she is excited to work towards QUNO’s vision of developing people-centered and sustainable peace. 

In her free time, Natalie can be found exploring the city’s coffee shops, green spaces, libraries, and museums.

Nyeri Otero Flanagan

Programme Assistant

Nyeri holds a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from Durham University, in the UK. In 2019, she attended the Summer School hosted by the QUNO Geneva Office. The opportunity allowed Nyeri to engage with a slice of Quaker work at an international level and inspired her to want to further engage and contribute to QUNO’s work as a Programme Assistant. 

Nyeri is interested in the production of data and how official knowledge is created and intersects with historical and present political, social, and economic conditions, particularly in the production of UN and other international documentation. Another area of interest for Nyeri is in engaging with and analysing Public Health with a cross-cultural and holistic approach. Building on this background, she is excited to explore the similar approach taken by QUNO in their advocacy of a people-centred sustainable peace. 

Nyeri is a self-described cuisine explorer and is excited to explore the immense cultural variety of food offered in New York City. Nyeri grew up attending un-programmed Quaker meetings and is really intrigued to experience a programmed meeting.