Child Soldiers

We worked to raise public awareness about the issue of child soldiers, and to develop international standards to prohibit the military recruitment and use in combat of all those under 18 years of age in government armed forces or other armed groups.
May 2012

Swarthmore Lecture by Rachel Brett

Rachel Brett delivered the Swarthmore lecture at Britain Yearly Meeting on 26 May. Entitled Snakes and Ladders, it described Quaker work on human rights at the United Nations.

This work has brought real change for many, including conscientious objectors and child soldiers. The Swarthmore Lectureship, established in 1907, provides for the publication of a book as well as the public lecture. For information about the book and how to order it please email us at quno@quno.ch.

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Event of Note
January 1998

Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers

We helped to found the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, an international organization that seeks to end the use of child soldiers, advocate for the release of unlawfully recruited children, promote their successful reintegration into civilian life, and call for accountability for those who unlawfully recruit or use them.

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