April 2024

QUNO Joins Quaker Organizations and Leaders Worldwide in Sharing a Vision for Peace in Palestine and Israel

On 12 April 2024, the Quaker United Nations Office joined with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), and other Quaker organizations in issuing a statement outlining a shared vision for lasting peace in Palestine and Israel. QUNO joined in the drafting of the statement, noting that recent months have seen an erosion of global commitments to multilateralism and respect for international legal frameworks.

This comprehensive statement illustrated over a century of Quakers working to support communities in the region and gave an account of the cycle of violence that the world has seen unfold over the past six months, including the Hamas attack that killed over 1100 Israelis and the subsequent devastation of the Israeli military’s response, which has killed over 33,000 Palestinians and displaced nearly two million more. In January, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that the Israeli military response may constitute genocide against the Palestinian people and ordered Israel to change its course of action. The Quaker statement expressed grave concern that the ruling of the ICJ has been ignored and repeated vetoes in the UN Security Council have prevented the achievement of a lasting ceasefire. 

The Quaker organizations called on the global community, including national leaders and communities of Friends around the world, to take urgent actions for peace. 

These actions include calling upon the Israeli government for a commitment to a permanent ceasefire, a complete military withdrawal, and the lifting of the blockade in Gaza. Of all involved parties, the statement pleads for the release of all hostages and prisoners. The partner organizations call on Western governments, particularly those of the United States and United Kingdom, to press for the ceasefire, to end complicity with violent military actions, and to uphold international law regarding treatment of civilians and humanitarian aid efforts. 

The statement goes on to call upon the global Quaker community to divest from corporations supporting or profiting from the Israeli military campaign, to conduct community actions at every level to call for a ceasefire, and to support the end of Israeli occupation so that the human rights of all can be protected. 

The complete statement contains additional calls for action and invaluable information to place the events of the last 6 months into context. QUNO remains a committed voice for peace in Palestine, in Israel, and in communities in conflict worldwide. View the full statement and share it so other communities of Friends can join the call here

For press or media inquiries, please contact Layne Mullett, Media Relations Director for AFSC, at lmullett@afsc.org.  

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