July 2023

QUNO Geneva speaks at the Human Rights Council on casualty recording and arms related risks to human rights.

Florence Foster, Representative for Peace & Disarmament at QUNO Gevena, spoke at the Human Rights Council 53rd Session during the Interactive Dialogue on casualty recording.

Many stakeholders welcomed the High Commissioner’s report on “Impact of casualty recording on the promotion and protection of human rights” (HRC/53/48) and recognized the importance of casualty recording in informing analysis on patterns of violence, contributing to the fulfilment of SDG16, but also to transitional justice processes and lasting reconciliation [full recording of the Interactive Dialogue can be found here].

QUNO in turn also highlighted the important links between the work of the Council on casualty recording and the work it does on the human rights impact of arms transfers (see latest report) and civilian acquisition of firearms (see latest report). Together these bodies of work help better understand the supply and demand side of weapons and the role of conventional arms in driving the escalation of armed violence and conflict. They therefore help foster prevention and protection across contexts and at multiple levels by highlighting the root causes of violence and the widespread availability of weapons, including by highlighting the role businesses such as the arms sector play.


Please see below the full written Statement, and listen to it as delivered by Florence Foster by following this link.

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