December 2023

QUNO meets Quakers in Kenya

Quakers in Kenya shared local insights on ending plastic pollution with the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO), following a major United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) meeting in that African country.

QUNO’s programme on Sustainable and Just Economic Systems (SJES) participated in the third session of the UNEP Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution (INC) held in Kenya in November.

SJES programme lead Andres Naranjo attended INC-3 and also attended the East Africa Yearly Meeting of Friends (North). Naranjo participated in meetings for worship alongside Quakers and extended QUNO’s reach with the local community.

“It was not just an opportunity to share QUNO's vision but also to understand the local context and challenges faced by communities on the ground,” says Naranjo.

“As QUNO looks forward to future INC sessions and global environmental advocacy, the insights gained from Kenya will play a crucial role in shaping our approach. The synergy between global knowledge and local application is key to developing sustainable, community-driven solutions to environmental challenges.”

Naranjo shared QUNO’s advocacy on ending global plastic pollution — via strengthening policies through INC — with Quakers in Webuye. This dialogue between Quakers and QUNO is essential as QUNO represents Quakers at the United Nations.

Naranjo reflected that the “enthusiastic response from Quakers in Kenya underscored the potential for grassroots movements to drive significant environmental change”.

“We need continuous dialogue and collaboration between global policy discussions and local community efforts.”

Looking ahead, QUNO aims to strengthen global-local ties, says Naranjo. 

“QUNO is committed to bridging global environmental policies with local realities, fostering a deeper understanding of the impacts and solutions around plastic pollution,” he says.

“We invite our readers and supporters to explore more about our ongoing efforts in environmental advocacy. Your support helps us continue this vital work, ensuring that voices from all levels are heard and integrated into global policy-making.”

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