March 2021

Statement on racial discrimination and migration governance at the Human Rights Council

As part of our recent efforts to raise the issue of racial injustice in migration governance, QUNO had the opportunity to address the 46th session of the Human Rights Council as part of the Panel Debate on Racial Discrimination. (Full video of the statement available below)

Our intervention focussed on the importance of the recognition of the relationship between racial discrimination and migration governance as part of activities of the International Decade of People of African Descent. We stressed the roles that States can play in making these links at home, in national policy making, and in the Human Rights Council, and in other relevant forums such as the regional reviews of the Global Compact for Migration which are currently underway. We also highlighted that participation of migrants, including youth is necessary for this work.  

We encouraged States to ensure national plans of action to end racial discrimination make connections with national plans on the Global Compact for Migration underlining the value that this can bring in securing the right to non-discrimination for migrants and people of African descent.

Our question to the panelists sought to understand what steps States can take to address the links between racial discrimination and violations of the human rights and the role the Council can play in this.




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