March 2021

QUNO co-edits book: “New Paths and Policies towards Conflict Prevention”

The recently published book, “New Paths and Policies towards Conflict Prevention,” co-edited by QUNO’s UN Representative, Rachel Madenyika, shares the learnings from a series of relationship-building dialogues between Chinese and Swiss scholars, convened by QUNO New York. Through the dialogues, participants reflected on and explored issues around United Nations (UN) and international peacebuilding and conflict prevention frameworks, with the book’s three sections sharing the varied perspectives of the group on these issues both with regards to policy and practice.

Due to the complexities of today’s globalized world and the increase in protracted conflict, Ms. Madenyika and her co-editor, Jason Tower, conclude this new work by bringing attention to the importance of preventing violent conflict. They note that, “it remains insufficient to merely prevent a relapse of war; the international community must make a greater effort to respond to warning signs to pre-empt the eruption of deadly violence.” This book’s insightful contribution to the conflict prevention and peacebuilding field will be most useful for students focusing of peacebuilding, prevention, Chinese politics and international relations.

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