October 2021

QUNO Engages with Human Rights Council Social Forum focussing on COVID-19

Marisa Leon Gomez Sonet addressed the Human Rights Council Social Forum to highlight the impact of COVID-19 and pandemic response measures on the human rights of migrants. 

During a panel on the impact on particular groups, she drew attention to the report from the Special Rapporteur on human rights of migrants on COVID-19 and called on states to:

  • Include migrants in vaccination programs and economic recovery plans
  • Ensure border closures do not violate human rights, including the right to seek asylum
  • End negative rhetoric that creates and reinforces harmful narratives against migrants

In response to our question on intersections between discrimination on migration status and discrimination on other grounds, panelists emphasized the importance of a coherent response to multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and the need to include migrants regardless of status in COVID-19 response and recovery. These comments echoed the remarks of the representative of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) who called for a “borderless mindset” to ensure health access for all.

See the file attached to this post for the full statement. And watch a recording of the panel and live statement here:  https://media.un.org/en/asset/k11/k11kaxtnbu


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