April 2020

Towards a people-centered and sustainable approach to COVID-19

The UN was born out of the global crisis of the second world war. Now, 75 years later, another crisis faces us. How can we both reaffirm the Charter commitment to collective action and bring to this crisis the lessons we have learned about offering integrated support in partnership with the communities we accompany, leaving no one behind?

QUNO New York recently affirmed a strategic plan focused on sustainable and people-centered strategies for peace, both long-term and in responding to crisis. With the global disruption from COVID-19, this recent work may provide some initial ideas that can be impactful as the UN and its membership seeks to respond to this ongoing crisis. Key messages in this statement include:

  • Align crisis response with longer term development and peace efforts
  • Prioritize inclusion in analysis, planning, and decision-making
  • Support calls to choose compassion over violence
  • Reaffirm multilateralism and international norms as a safeguard for the most vulnerable
  • Notice, reflect, and build back better

See the full statement here.

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