November 2020

QUNO delivers oral statement to the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

QUNO has been working on the human rights of migrants at the international level to promote the protection of human rights of all regardless of migration status. Recently, QUNO has been working more on relating structural racism to migration policies, this work recognises that in order to achieve migration justice we must understand the role racism plays in migration laws and policy.

As part of this work, QUNO had the opportunity of virtually addressing the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on their 102nd Session in November 2020. In this statement, QUNO recognised the contributions of the Committee in relating historical legacies of slavery and colonialism to contemporary forms of racism, and the impact this has on migrants and people on the move. This statement highlighted to the Committee the role they can play in assessing State’s progress in implementing instruments like the Global Compact for Migration in State reviews to ensure national implementation plans operationalize the Guiding Principle of human rights. QUNO stressed the importance of national implementation plans being developed in consultation with migrants affected by migration laws and policies.

QUNO also endorsed calls to resume State reviews in this virtual environment to continue to strengthen the human rights standards related to racial discrimination and contribute to oversight of States’ activities.

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