July 2019

Webinar: Quakers Coming Together to Care for the Earth

In July, QUNO's Representative for Climate Change Lindsey Fielder Cook and Adrian Halverstadt, Director of Evangelical Friends Church - North America, were featured in a webinar with other Quakers to share and discuss a recent video, Quakers Coming Together to Care for the Earth.  which showcases Friends from across Quaker theological traditions in North America sharing their personal testimonies on environmental justice, earthcare and stewardship.

Throughout 2018, several Quakers came together via video conference calls and one face-to-face meeting to discuss what we as Quakers are called to do about the interlocking ecological issues affecting all of creation. Participants of this group include Friends across the Quaker spectrum, including those affiliated with Evangelical Friends of North America, Friends United Meeting, Friends General Conference, and other unaffiliated Friends. The group worked with Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), a Quaker organization with world headquarters in London that works to communicate between all parts of Quakerism, to produce the video.

This webinar explains how you can use this new video resource to support conversations about environmental justice, earthcare and stewardship in your own meeting or church.


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