June 2019

Courage and and ethics for climate action

On 20 June at the climate conference in Bonn, Germany, QUNO co-hosted a Press Conference calling for courage and ethics for climate action with Arnold Ambundo of Act Alliance, and Valeriane Bernard of the Brahma Kumaras.

QUNO’s Representative for Climate Change, Lindsey Fielder Cook, called for greater action as a moral call to conscience to follow the healthiest emission reduction pathway (P1) of the IPCC’s Special Report for Global Warming at 1.5C (SR1.5C).  This recent science report confirmed that with urgent action, a 1.5C temperature rise limit is possible, and that a 1.5C limit rather than a 2C or higher global temperature rise would save hundreds of thousands if not millions of human lives, species from extinction, collapse of critical eco-systems, and avoid the irreversible melting of the Greenland Ice Cap.

Arnold argued we cannot deliberate, we must reflect internally on our role as people of faith and care for the planet because of our love of God, in all religious approaches. The world is not ours and we have responsibility as people of faith to be leading voices in the protection of Creation. Valeriane stated that if we don’t change individually, we can’t change globally. We are fortunate to be here. We all need to find the courage to act, to take responsibility, to find courage by staying present, meditating and looking within for inspiration to change.

Questions from the audience reflected concerns about diet, fears that it might be too late to change, and queries about how to connect with church community. As Lindsey concluded, with hope and courage, we can say to our children, ‘we acted when we knew’.  

The press conference can be viewed at the link below.

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