June 2016

Building On Sydney Bailey's Security Council Procedure Legacy

Former QUNO Director Sydney Bailey (1916 - 1995) wrote extensively on the United Nations and peacemaking. Of particular importance was his work on three editions of "The Procedure of the UN Security Council" which has been a primary reference for diplomats since the first edition was published in 1975.

On June 27th, QUNO New York was delighted to host a meeting of the NGO Working Group on the Security Council with Loraine Sievers, former Chief of the UN Security Council Secretariat Branch and one of the authors of the recently published Fourth Edition of the "Procedure", (along with Sam Daws who worked on the third edition with Sydney). The new edition is now kept up to date through new articles on a dedicated website.

The meeting drew strong interest from NGOs, and the discussion ranged from examining the process around appointing a new Secretary General to considering the various forms of engagement that civil society can have with council members.

It was heartening to see that Sydney Bailey's pioneering work lives on.

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