March 2016

QUNO Geneva backs junior staff pay campaign

Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) Geneva is pleased to lend its support to the aims of the ‘We Pay Our Interns’ initiative, recently instituted by a group of Geneva-based non-governmental organizations.

While QUNO has chosen not to employ interns, we do instead provide annual Programme Assistant posts, which provide a year-long, paid and structured development opportunity for junior professionals.

QUNO particularly supports the principle of Articles 2 and 3 of the We Pay Our Interns Charter, which requires its member organisations to provide adequate levels of payment for junior staff, and to ensure a selection process free from discrimination of any kind. Further information about this campaign is available at: http://www.wepayourinterns.org

We are now accepting applications for three Programme Assistant vacancies for the 2016-17 period, working on Human Rights and Refugees, Peacebuilding and Climate Change, and Food and Sustainability. More information on these posts is available here.

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