February 2015

Launch of the White Paper on Peacebuilding

On the 27th of February 2015, QUNO, alongside its partners at the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, launched the White Paper on Peacebuilding. Published in anticipation of the 10-year review of the UN Peacebuilding Architecture, this collaborative publication aims to account for a diverse range of perspectives in discussing the challenges, opportunities, and future of peacebuilding, as well the ways in which societies may work towards a sustainable peace, with the support of the UN and other international actors. At this event, panelists representing the GPP’s partner organizations, including QUNO’s Diane Hendrick, discussed the contents of the White Paper, underlining the importance of accounting for voices from the field as well as the need for greater emphasis on prevention in peacebuilding efforts. The White Paper and a series of detailed background papers are available below.

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