June 2023

New Climate Publication - A Government Official's Toolkit

QUNO has just published the most recent version of A Government Official’s Toolkit: Inspiring Urgent, Real, and Equitable climate action. The 2023 Toolkit highlights the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Synthesis Report. It is a useful guide for both policy makers and climate activists.

It presents 19 categories referencing the latest scientific findings of the IPCC, focused on “What is happening, Why, and the urgent, feasible, and equitable near-term options that are already available at scale to address climate change and improve human well-being and planetary health.”  The IPCC’s message is clear: “climate change is a threat to human well-being and planetary health.”

This update is written to support government officials – at local, regional, and national levels – who are concerned about the impacts of climate change on their citizens, country, and the planet. It offers concise excerpts to help readers engage with different concerns through a science based perspective to improve urgent, real, feasible near term actions.

Included in the 19 covered topics are: “The Root Causes;” “The Consequences of Our Human Activities – Hurting People and the Planet;” “Urgent Action to Keep Global Warming to a Safer Temperature Rise Limit;” “Averting Suffering, Death, Loss and Damage,” “Climate Action that is Real, Transformative, Feasible, and Available at Scale,” and “Empowering People in an Era of Climate Change.”


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