October 2023

QUNO's INC-3 Joint Submission with IUCN on Plastic Subsidies

At its second session, the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee requested the Secretariat to invite written submissions on (a) Elements not discussed at INC-2, such as principles and scope of the instrument (using Template A), and (b) Any potential areas for inter-sessional work compiled by the cofacilitators of the two contact groups, to inform the work of INC-3 (using  Template B). 

Recognizing that the adoption of subsidy disciplines within the forthcoming treaty would be a significant step forward for advocates pushing for upstream measures to tackle plastic pollution at its root cause, the Quaker United Nations Office partnered with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for its second submission to inform the work of INC-3. This submission addresses the pivotal issue of subsidies promoting plastic production. The document emphasizes:

  • Defining the commitments' scope, particularly pinpointing which production stages should be considered.
  • Recommending alignment with the World Trade Organization’s definition of a subsidy.
  • Exploring methods to manage non-specific subsidies, such as those supporting energy use across diverse sectors.
  • Advocating for the prohibition of all future subsidies that would further plastic production.

This collaborative effort with IUCN aims to offer well-rounded guidance for INC-3's agenda concerning upstream plastic measures and core obligations.